IMG_4618Mrs. Ene got a job promotion after being threatened to be fired by her boss.


12274510_401295036733790_6831482353317476626_nMr. John Emmanuel gets acquitted from prison after being jailed wrongfully since 2012.


12316449_401295140067113_4324143948679763800_nEvang. Chukwuka gives God thanks for miracles happening in his life after sowing into Dominion Convention and his prison ministry.


IMG_4622Odinaka Ndukwe gives thanks to God for another opportunity after losing a contract worth millions of naira.


I woke up this morning and there was a song in my spirit.
With my hands lifted up, I will come in rejoicing.
Three years ago, I started a journey in Lagos business School. I never wanted to go for that programme. I want to thank God for destiny helpers. I didn’t want to take the exams, IMG_4623but my husband asked me to. When I wrote it, I came out in the top fourth people.

I got pregnant, and while I was writing my exams, I was on the verge of a miscarriage. I wrote my five courses, and I passed everything. The last paper I wrote, I was heavy. I was to give birth that day. I was in the hospital. I wrote the paper, and I scaled through.

Blessing Ejiofor


In March, I lost my job. Since then, I had not have a job. IMG_4625A friend of mine called me last week, and asked me to come for a test. I came for the test, but it was rescheduled. Three days after, I got the job.

Kelvin Kalu.






We couldn’t pay our rent. My husband had stayed for two years without a job, and my salary was nothing. My neighbours would always watch to know whether my children would go to school. We had no money to pay for their fees. I would dress up my children, and my husband would drive them to IMG_4626his office because we could not send them to school. We moved from the mainland and moved to Ajah. I wanted to go to Ajah and hide myself.

And then I came to Dominion City. I was asked to give God three months to change my life. When we came to Ajah, my children stayed for two terms before they went to School. Along the line, my dad died. And I had not been able to forgive him because he left us when we were little. During the encounter, when the cross was shown, I was able to forgive him. My debts were so much that if I began paying now, I was never going to finish it before December of Next Year, and during the Dominion Convention, Pastor David said that there is going to be a cancellation of debts. That was for me.
The debt was cancelled just like that. I want to thank God for taking away the tears from my eyes.

I want to thank God for the things that He has done for me. This God I have seen here, He is like no other I have seen anywhere.

Mrs Silas

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  1. Pastor Joseph

    The devil struck at the wrong time.
    By 10pm on Wednesday, 8th April; that is, just a couple of minutes after pastor had finished teaching on how to transmit the anointing, a sister in my church called me, crying.
    Her younger brother of 13 years old was under a demonic attack in Kaduna State. According to her, one day in 2019, he began to scream that his body was on fire and that he began to convulse and twist his body vigorously. And he became so violent that all the men around could not control him. She said her family spent so much money on medical bills, & that after several weeks of medical attention and prayers he recovered.
    The attack had returned.
    When I got the report, the fire from pastor’s message was still fresh on my head. In fact, I was praying in the spirit, trying to soak in the message.
    The sister my Church is in Port Harcourt, & so linked me to her younger sister who was at the scene. I asked her younger sister to get a handkerchief or another material. I prayed, asking God that the anointing of the Holy Ghost would rest upon the material. And I commanded that the oppression to end & the demons be ejected. Then I asked her to lay it on his head.
    After about 20minutes, she called screaming, that he suddenly become quiet after she laid the cloth on him. He’s perfectly fine now.
    Glory to God!
    Thank you pastor for teaching us the Word.

  2. Faith

    My Name is Faith, from Ajah lagos. I want to give God all the praise during this week camp meeting 2020, Pastor mentioned that there is a lady who has gone through emotional issues, heartbreak as a result is having hormonal imbalance, he also said a lady is suffering from skin infection, pimples. I am the one he was referring to immediately I wept and received my healing I want give God all the praise am healed completely, i have been suffering from this acne for more than 10years, I have used so many expensive product to no avail. my face feels lighter and the pimples drying up, my period started this morning and its normal. Glory be to the name of our God for the great things He has done for me. Amen

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