Pastor Mike Onyali
Dominion Convention
Dominion City Headquarters.
Km 22, Lekki-Epe Expressway
Ajah, Lagos.
Friday, 13 November, 2015.

Look at your limitation and give it a prophetic shout.
The earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness thereof.
Psalm 24:1
You cannot receive anything from God until you understand it.
There are people who are sick, but Jesus has paid for it.
Any area that is working for you is the one in which you have understanding.
Forget the devil. Forget witches and wizard. Go for knowledge.
Once you have knowledge, everything works out fine.
Spiritual warfare is not casting and binding. It has to do more about the mind that about spiritual things.
The devil is destroyed and dethroned. He has no spiritual power over you.

…Inspiration comes from heaven or from hell.IMG_9550
So, the best way the devil makes sure that we do not break out is that he stops us from getting the knowledge that God has planned for us.
When a prophetic instruction comes to you, what fights it are thoughts and imaginations.
God operates opposite the way man operates.
When you try to reason God out, you miss out.
He is too mighty for you to analyze. He does not do things the way you plan. He does things the way He wants, based on the kind of glory He wants to get out of it.
We are not normal people.
When you are in the interview line, you are not the same.
Others are normal people. You are a shrine of God. You carry the most dangerous Spirit on planet earth. You carry God. You carry the Elohim Himself.
You are not an ordinary human being. You serve the Living God.
You function with the Highest.
Have this understanding, and learn how He operates.
Christianity has theory and practical.
When you finish reading your Bible (which is Theory), say amen and close your Bible. Then go out there and answer your prayer. Start practical.
This earth belongs to God.
Ecclesiastes 10:5-7
God has made us to be His princes. How come the princes are not sitting on the thrones, and the servants are the ones enjoying the wealth?
There are people that no matter what you do, they will be poor. The reason is because they are legal captives. This weekend, it will be broken. In the Name of Jesus.
It is what you do not know that deals with you.
But when you know these things, you break out.IMG_9512


Isaiah 1:19
If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.
Are you willing to prosper?
The people of God are not enjoying that which He has planned for them, because they are either not willing or obedient.
If you are willing, don’t miss any session in this program.
Also, don’t come alone.
Willingness is seen in your action.
This night, mobilize nothing less than three persons each, that you are going to bring here this night.
Jesus died for all, and not for just one person.
Once you are willing, there should be obedience following it.
He that has no prophet has no open heavens.

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