Prayer Day 4

Prayer Day 4

Good morning Beloved, we progress steadily into day 4 of our prayers and I do hope the Lord has been helping you to pray accordingly.
Today our focus is on Give “US” this day…..Matt 6:9-13 and we shall be praying as follows
Us is interpreted as not just an individual but people. God’s plans transcends individuality. You can never achieve or attain God’s plans, purposes and visions alone likewise you CANNOT prosper without people. There is nothing like a self made man. Even in receiving the harvest of seeds sown, God used people as channels to bless according to Luke 6:38. Therefore we need people (strategic relationships) to do the will of God and prosper every time. This is our prayer focus for today.

1. Spend time in thanking God for all the strategic relationships in your life a. Family: Spouse, parents, Siblings etc
b. Pastors: The Pee and Mummy Sarah as spiritual parents, your cell leaders, departmental leaders and everyone who is strategically positioned to bless you spiritually C. Secular: career mentors, business associates etc
D. Friends and Relatives

2. Sin is relational. You hurt God and people. Ask God for His mercies especially where you have treated these people wrongly in the past. Where you failed to give or show honor etc and ask for atonement by the blood of Jesus.

3. Pray in the Spirit or worship for another 10minutes if you are not baptized in the Holy Ghost with evidence of praying in tongues

4. Thank God for the Prophetic relationships He has given our Father Pst David Ogbueli in the Past years. Ask Him to continue to connect his servant with destiny helpers. 1Sam10:26 …valiant men whose hearts the Lord has touched went home with Saul. Let Him be divinely connected with the Prophetic relationships that will cause God’s will for 2017 to prosper in his hands

5. Ask God to surround Pst David and Mummy Sarah with Sons and Daughters who are committed, diligent and faithful to the cause. Call forth 1000 spiritual sons

6. Pray for yourself and call forth new strategic and Prophetic relationships for 2017. You are as good as the sum total of the relationships in your life. David had Jonathan, Joshua had Caleb etc. The ones that are around you now, ask God to open your eyes to recognize and be able to tap the treasures in them. God’s treasures are in Earthen Vessels 2Cor4:7

7. And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and had Favour before God and men. Luke 2:52
Ask God to give you Favour before all the men who will play a positive role in your life in 2017

8. Ask God to remove from your life every relationship that impacts you negatively at the moment. Let Him deliver you from every wrong counsellor, influence or example. Until Lot was separated from Abraham, He didn’t hear God again.

9. Ask God to bless in 2017 all the men and women who were a blessing to you in 2016.

10. Pray for President Buhari and Governor Ambode that God will surround them with the right men and counsel in 2017 so they can do the will of God. Let every wrong/evil counsellor be uprooted

11. Commune with God, share your heart desires with Him and Speak into your day and year.

12. Thank Him for answered prayers. Phil 4:6

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