In 1993, a man fell from a very high point, and he fell on his buttocks. Then he began to have incessant pains in his back. In 2012, He started having difficulties in walking. The Doctor said he needed to do exercises. As at September this year, it started again. He always had pains in his back.

He was told that he had to take a protracted bed rest of about 12 weeks, or a surgery. And the surgery is not possible in Nigeria. The more He stayed, the more it got worse. Getting to last week, the thing knocked him off, and he could not walk anymore. He had been in pains that ran from his back down to his toes. He couldn’t eat. He just lost taste for life. He couldn’t sit, and couldn’t do anything.

Now, He is whole, walking around and jumping and praising God, and praising the Name of Jesus.


A lady had had chest pain for four months. She had gone to the hospital, and they told her that there was nothing wrong with her. She would complain incessantly, crying all night. While the Pastor was praying, she fell on her chair, and then felt her chest loose up. When she got up, the pains were all gone, and she is now completely whole.


A lady who just gave her life to Christ today, had always had pains in her legs. While the altar call was made, she had to force herself to come to the altar to give her life to Christ, because she was in pains. When the Pastor asked the people to do things they couldn’t do before now, she moved her legs and discovered the pains were all gone.


A lady had itching in her ear, and had had it for a long time. While the prayers was going on, the Pastor called her case, and she received her healing. She felt a sharp pain in her ear, and immediately after that, the pains were gone.


Another man came for the programme on slippers because he could not put his legs inside shoes due to tremendous pains. He had had these pains for four years. While the Pastor was praying, he began to march his feet on the floor, and all of a sudden, he received his healings. As I write this, he is on the altar, marching and praising God.


Since August, a man had an accident and was unable to bend his back. After the accident, he was certified dead by the doctors, but he was brought back. Meanwhile, the pains remained and he could not bend his back. But while the prayers were going on, he received his healings and can now walk and move and bend all over.

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