When you redeem a territory, God will give you portions of that territory.
Our God is great. He is not your great grand Father’s age mate.
God calls many different people to do many different things, but they all contribute to building the Church of God.
Everybody is a potential servant of God. Nobody was redeemed to sit in Church.
Part of the major reasons why people are in bondage, is because there is lack of honour. When fathers are not honoured, when the land is not honoured, people are in perpetual bondage.
We need to find out the problem before we begin to think about a solution.
We have two dimensions of redemption.
The redemption Jesus brought to us did not only stop at Human beings. it also extends to the territory where we come from.
It also extends to the land in which we live.
The knowledge that God releases to the Church comes in generations after generations.
God said to Moses, “By this Name, was I not known to your Fathers.” This means that God reveals Himself to people per generations.
  1. Is the land under bondage?
  2. Can things under than man be under bondage?
  3. Is there anything like redeeming the land?
    When there is a bondage, the person in bondage cannot fulfill the reason why it was established in the first place.
    When you build a factory and the factory cannot produce, it could be that it is under bondage.
    We’ve seen schools that are under demonic bondage. Anytime a particular land is released, people massively get saved. This is because there is a connection between the land and the people that live on it.
    You cannot separate a people from their environment and their land.
In human development, there are three things that play a major role.
Knowledge, Character, and Environment.
When the land is under brethren, those things are nothing compared with the power of Jesus. These things are nothing, but ignoring them is a problem that we are facing in Africa. When the judge gives you judgment, you need to apply for execution of the judgment before you get it.

Jesus has given us judgment, but we are lazy in executing that judgment.
Redeeming the land is the concept of applying the benefits of death and resurrection of Jesus over the land to break the curse upon it as a result of sins of man.
It is the appropriation of the benefits of redemption and the blessing of Abraham upon the land to bring about the land yielding its increase abundantly.
When God was creating the world, one of the first infrastructures He made available for man is a land.
The Bible says in Galatians 3, the Bible says that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangs on a tree: That the Blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ.
Part of the increase the land yields is salvation of the souls living on it.
Genesis 1:26-28
Man was to rule everything. God gave everything to man to have dominion over it. Man did not have to struggle in order to grow food. The land did not experience any curse from God. But when Adam sinned, things changed.
When David was looking at what was before the fall of man in Psalm 8:1-9
David was dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand how God viewed man, and the level of glory that God put on man, making him to have dominion over everything.
But when sin entered, everything collapsed. But when God came, He made crucial statements.
  1. He cursed the ground. Now, for the ground to answer Adam, he had to sweat on it.
    The reason we talk about favour today, is because Jesus died on the cross. Even with favour, we still have to work hard today.
    The land on which you do your business has to answer to you, because of the benefits of the redemption that Jesus bought for us on the cross.
Romans 8 tell us that the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the Sons of God,
Paul was talking about two kinds of redemption here. We got redeemed. But the land on which we live are also crying in pains, waiting for the sons of God to be manifested.
This scripture was not talking about the rapture. Paul was talking to us that the environment on which we live are groaning in pains, waiting for someone to come and free them from bondage.
The lands are waiting.
Your family is groaning in pain, labouring earnestly to be brought into the liberty of the sons of God.
The same anointing that makes the lame walk can make a dead business come back to life.
We need to take these things outside the church building.
You shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. He didn’t say “Lay hands on sick people.”
The Bible says that you shall raise the dead. He did not say you shall raise only dead people.
Don’t consume all the anointing and sit on it.
It was the housemaid in Namaan’s house that brought redemption to the entire house.
That same grace is available in this house.
When God brought you out of your family, He secretly invaded the family. He needs you to go back and take Him into that house.
Don’t be anointed in the city when they don’t know you in the city.
  1. Bloodshed.
    When a land has drank blood, it normally cries out for more blood. This is why communities that have had violence will always have violence.
  2. Sexual Promiscuity.
    When a land becomes evidently sexually promiscuous.
  3. Sacrifices to Idols.
    Our fathers served idols.
    These are the things that bring bondage to the land.
    Some of us are from families where our fathers sold their brothers into bondage.

    These things are regulated. It is regulated from the moon. Women’s circle are regulated from the moon. It is lunar.
    When it gets to that particular times, when the calamity has been programmed in the heavens to happen, it just kicks into play.

  4. Sexual sacrifices and abortions.

    Just like the sin of Adam brought the lands into bondage, and the redemption of Jesus brought the lands positionally into freedom, that is how God has raised you as a Jesus in your father’s house so that that land will be free.

Abraham was called by God and given a land.
  1. The first thing He did was to build an altar to God in the land.
  2. After that, He did something called Prophetic walk over the land. He walked the length and breadth with it.
    We need to walk through our lands, speaking God’s word.
  3. Also, He made a covenant with Melchizedek, the King of Salem, the Priest of God.
  4. Abraham made a blood covenant with God. Genesis 15:7-10
    Prayer has its own rules. Wealth has its own rules. The first thing Abraham did was to pay His tithe.
    There are things that are governed by covenant. The wealth of Israel, Abraham laid the foundation for it.
One of the fundamental evidences in global court about the ownership of a land is whether there is a shrine on that land, or a burial ground in that land.
This is why till today, if you remove the Jews from America, America drowns.
Their forefathers established a covenant with God over their lands, and till today, years later, the lands still answer to these covenants.
  1. Investigation.
    Don’t go and do presumptuous work. Go and ask questions. Do investigations.
    Find out certain generational transactions that have taken place in the city where you are a pastor. Forget about today’s success.
  2. Salvation.
    Begin a process of redemption.
    Stand before God on behalf of the family.
    You have to right to bind the devil until you have submitted to God.

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