HOW HUNGRY ARE YOU? – Dominion Mandate #DailyDevotional

HOW HUNGRY ARE YOU? – Dominion Mandate #DailyDevotional

Saturday, March 18, 2017.

Psalm 42:1,Psalm 14:2.

Bible in one year: Isaiah 51-55.

Long ago, David wrote about hunger for God in what we now know as psalm 42 verse 1 and 2.

The deer has a strong smell and it makes the deer a very easy prey, but water hides it’s smell, and so the only way to avoid being eaten is to get to the water as soon as the predator shows up. Also, the deer pants for the water Brooks for refreshment when it is thirsty, the deer can perceive the smell of water from very far away, and when it perceives that smell, it instinctively begins to run towards that source of water, and until it gets to the water source it does not stop running.

This type of desire David described in this scripture is the type every one of us should have. It’s not something unusual or only reserved for just a few persons. The sign of a healthy Christian life is thirst and hunger for God at all times. In the natural when you lose appetite for food it is a sign that you are sick.

God can pass over a million people just to reach out and touch that man or woman that is truly hungry for Him. (Isaiah 44:3). The bible tells us that “……satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things” (psalm 107:9). But we must meet the requirement of the word in order to receive the promised reward: A genuine hunger for God is the hunger for God’s presence. Having a deep relationship with God comes out of a strong desire and hunger for His presence.

PRAYER: Oh Lord, teach me your ways. Let my heart pants after you as the deer pants after the water brooks. Create in me a thirst which nothing shall satisfy but the fountain of your eternal love.

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