March 12, 2017

Dominion mandate daily devotional:


Malachi 3:7

Bible in one year: Mathew 23-25.

God has promised never to leave nor forsake us but many times we often forsake Him choosing to be led astray by our desires rather than remaining submitted to his will.

Whenever we stray away from God and break fellowship with him, life becomes a struggle. We find ourselves devoid of the strength to face life’s challenges, the peace that passes all understanding and the joy that brings true fulfillment and satisfaction. In such state Jesus words in John 15:5 become much clearer; we can do nothing apart from him. The scripture of today’s reading highlight a promise from God and a principle for returning back to him. To restore broken fellowship with God, man must take the first step towards reconciliation. Whenever we find we have strayed, it is through returning to him that we restore broken fellowship. We return to him through genuine repentance and seeking his face again. When we do this, God meets us halfway and communion is restored.( James 4:8)

Let’s us always remember that God is never far from us. No matter the degree of our mistakes, he is a loving father who is always waiting for us with open arms, bidding us to come back home to his presence where we belong. You can always retrace your steps back to his embrace and be guaranteed that the abundance of his love and grace will still be accessible to you.

: Father help me to find my way back to you whenever I make the mistake of straying away and departing from your presence. Even as I come to you in repentance, seeking you with all my heart, draw me close to you again. Let your blood cleanse me from every sin which has created a barrier between us that I may enjoy sweet Communion with you once more. Thank you Lord

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