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NCF General Fund

Your generosity enables Rev. David Ogbueli effectively minister the gospel to every nation through every available voice. Giving to NCF supports television and media outreach, prayer ministry and personal outreach, and ministry programs around the globe.


God remains faithful to His word, creating opportunities for us to set our faith to work. We are interested in maintaining the principle of returning to God the tenth of your income. This way, we keep God’s storehouse filled and our own lives preserved from loss.


Our show of gratitude to God for redeeming us out of the world, and for substituting His Son for our sake is exemplified through our continued giving. We make our offering as a physical show of our thanksgiving, providing proof of our faith and yielding to His leading.

Support GMTv

We understand that the reach of the message can be amplified through the use of Satellite channels. Beyond the reach of our local churches, we take God’s word to the sitting rooms and personal devices of the world that needs a touch from the Master. Join with us in our quest to make this possible.

First Fruit

Give your First Fruit and connect with the Blessing of Increase today. Take hold of God’s Word as you sow and believe for a great harvest.

Support Mobile App

Our bouquet of teachings, news, events, church locations across the nations, among other details, are captured within the mobile app for the ministry. We hope to broaden the scope of the app, putting more resources within reach while catering for the needs of its users.

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