Dominion Mandate Daily Devotional: ONE THING GOD CANNOT RESIST.

Dominion Mandate Daily Devotional: ONE THING GOD CANNOT RESIST.

Dominion Mandate Daily Devotional;
Monday, March 13, 2017.
Bible in one year: 1 Corinthians 3-4.
This Psalm was written by King David after he committed adultery with Bathsheba and her husband killed to cover his sin (2Samuel 11). It has been said of David that he sinned big, but repented bigger. He is a model to us if what real heart repentance looks like. He wrote this Psalm as an agonized cry to God for forgiveness. (psalm 51:17)
The meaning of this is connected with the verse just before it. (Vs 16) David is stating that there is nothing we can offer God to appease Him when we have sinned. Rituals and animal sacrifices is not what God is looking for. God desires true repentance. Many a times we miss this truth. Rather than repent, we try to “clean up our act,” give more, pray more, or busy ourselves in other religious activity in the hopes that God will finally “get over” being mad at us. In psalm 51, David is saying that God wants none of that. External religious activity cannot replace internal, heartfelt contrition. 1 Samuel 16:7.

David reminds us that the only path to forgiveness is a broken heart and a humble spirit (Matthew 5:3). When we throw ourselves on the mercy of God, He delights to lift us up (Luke 18:13-14). When we openly acknowledge our sin against God, turn from it, and cry out for cleansing, God promises that He will hear us and forgive (1John 1:9)
CONFESSION: I refuse to let the devil deceive or distract me from confessing my sin when I fall.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, search my heart thoroughly and rid me of anything that will not give you glory. Am so sorry oh Lord for all the wrong things and create in me a clean heart and purify me for your glory. Amen

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